TUC Community Garden Open House

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Three Sisters Garden




Hello fellow gardeners! Just dropping in to let you know that the Three Sisters Garden has been planted. We planted beans, squash, corn and a new addition this year to the Three Sisters Garden, sunflowers! We didn’t have enough corn and so opted to plant sunflowers so the beans have enough resources to climb.

Here is a little history on how the Three Sisters Garden works. The beans use the corn to climb thereby providing the corn with much needed Nitrogen for growth, and the squash protects the plants from being eaten by animals because of its prickly leaves. Squash will also act as a cover ground (because it spreads) keeping the moisture in the soil. This is what we call companion planting. Because we had very little corn we had to become creative and hence the addition of Sunflowers.

I am including a video here which will give you more information on Three Sisters Gardening. Please take a break from what you are doing to enjoy this information packed video. Until we meet again, happy gardening.

Garage Sale Success

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Fellow gardeners were up and out early today to set up the garage sale. Lots of bargains were to be had and at the end of the day it was a great success. The Community Garden Garage Sale raised $98. I was out there myself and was able to purchase a great book on tomatoes which I am looking forward to sharing some of the tidbits of information with you in a later post. I was also able to get a great pair of gardening gloves. I hope everyone had fun and congratulations to everyone who helped to make this a great success.

Soil, Soil and More Soil!


Hello fellow gardeners! It is finally the long weekend…the weekend that all gardeners are waiting for. I hope you all get the chance to get out to the garden this weekend! Don’t forget the garage sale on Saturday morning.

So this is actually a blog about soil. The soil should be coming before the end of this week. Please be sure to use it wisely and let’s not forget to leave enough for your neighbours. And of course we musn’t foget to leave some for the public areas in the garden. Happy long weekend and happy gardening. šŸ™‚

Man’s Best Friend


All dog owners, please note that if you bring your dog to the garden, it has to be on a leash. And please, please, please ‘poop and scoop’! Dog poop should not be found anywhere in the garden, especially in the vegetable beds. Let’s make this an enjoyable experience for everyone that belongs to the community garden. A little extra effort on your part as a dog owner such as leashing your dog and ‘pooping and scooping’ goes a long way in making this an enjoyable experience for all. If you have any questions regarding this please direct them to Kate and she’ll be happy to answer them.

Bike Camp


A bike camp will be starting on weekdays from Monday to Friday in mid May at the Thornhill United Church and will run until June. Access to the community garden will only be by foot during this time period. Cars will not be permitted near the garden. Perhaps we can think of this extra bit of walking as great exercise to help shed some of those winter pounds. In any case, please don’t let this stop you from coming to the garden, just think of it as a little extra fresh air.

First Garden Committee Meeting


TUC Community Garden Group is having its first garden committee meeting for the season on Friday May 16th at 7pm. The meeting will takeĀ place at Thornhill United Church at 25 Elgin Street. Everyone is welcome so please come out and show your support.

It will be an exciting evening as we have a special guest joining us. Julie Hordowick from the York Region Environmental Services Department will be presenting an introductory session about community composting as part of our composting pilot project for 2014.

We would be so happy to see you there so please mark your calendar for this wonderful night.